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Our mission is to inspire creative minds, to use the art's as a catalyst for change. Working together to find lasting positive, peaceful resolutions to the violence that plagues the United States. Using media, marketing and public broadcasting platforms to share the art's, creativity, innovation & technology to help reduce violence, bullying and gun violence.


Working with the community to help provide sustainable resolutions to conflicts such as violence, bullying, gun-violence and suicide. Providing structured educational programming and media for the community, while sharing the various cultures through the arts. Teaching the residents of the community how to create educational and informative content for the community.

Community Arts Peace Showcase

We will host an annual Community Arts Showcase in which we will bring in local artists to share and display their talents on stage. This will also serve as a rally to promote peace and unity in the community. We will highlight poets, rap artists, singers, designers, painters and more to perform and address the issues of violence through their art form. We will also partner with vendors to share their products, provide games and activities for youth, as well as food for the community. We will also partner with the police and community leaders to provide education materials and resources, as well as provide health and wellness resources for attendees.


The Art Of Changing the World

Our Share Your Art video promotions will highlight the creative innovative art forms, pieces, and technology being done in the city and beyond. Through media, marketing, and public broadcasting we will showcase local and national talent who are using their art and voices against violence. We will also hire, and train interested youth in media production and videography, and teach them how to work behind the camera. Youth will get to learn various aspect of media graphics, positioning, digital imaging, producing, and more.

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Stop the Violence Media Push

We will produce several videos of interviews, stories, and campaign advertisements to educate and bring awareness to violence and its effects in our communities. We will share these videos on social media and internet outlets for promotion. We will also host “outdoor movie nights” for the community where families and youth will be able to come and watch short films and interviews on the impact of violence. After the moving showings we will host discussions about the movies and bring in guest speakers (i.e. Police Officers, Faith Leaders, Doctors, and more) to talk about the devastating outcomes of violence and particularly gun violence in

the community.


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